Saturday, October 16, 2010

Norse Runes Magical Gateways of Power!

Runes are both spiritual and magical gateways, (or vortexes.) Inaccurately described by some as just an "alphabet," this is not exactly accurate and only begins to suggest the power of the runes.

Runes are a system of sacred symbols. The Runic alphabet is referred to as a "futhark." The oldest known full futhark is the "Elder Futhark," or the Common Germanic Futhark, which consists of 24 characters in a specific order, much as an alphabet has letters arranged in a specific order. 

                              Runes of the Elder Futhark
Runes are used for spell-casting, meditation, divination and to contact and communicate with spirits. 

Runes are particularly associated with Odin: according to his myth, Odin hung himself from the Word Tree for nine nights in order to acquire knowledge of the runes. 

A mystical meaning of the runes is that they are a radiant energy or "mystery." Each rune may be interpreted and has literal, magical and spiritual meanings. Each rune is affiliated with at least one Norse Deity and expresses their power and energy.

It is the audible, phonetic sound, when properly intoned with each rune; "Rune Song," which open up doors and vortexes with their vibrational frequencies. 

"Rune is also closely associated with words indicating witches and witchcraft. The Old German "runa" indicates a "whisperer" and is believed to refer to wise women or witches. 

In addition to it's other meanings rune literally means "lot" and they are used for divination. Here runes are placed in a bag and either individually drawn or randomly cast and then interpreted. 

In ancient Viking Lore the runes were painted on the wrists of women who were giving birth to ease the birthing process. Protective Bind-Runes and symbols were painted on shields and helms of warriors going into battle. The symbol "The Helm of Awe" was a particular favorite to confound enemies.  Thresholds of homes and Viking Halls were painted with runes thus providing protection for those within. 

Today, runes are also incorporated into Magic Spells. As I mentioned before each rune is identified with one or more Nordic deities. Each rune radiates a specific "power" and may be used for various magic purposes. 

Runes are considered especially beneficial for protective magic. They are often used to power tools and objects. Runes are easily incorporated into candle magic spells. 

Beautiful runes crafted from various materials, such as glass, precious stones, as well of wood can be purchased. However if you want your runes to resonate to your own "Divine Blueprint", your DNA you should hand craft them yourself. Cutting strips of Birch (resonates to Freya) or Oak (Odin), carving them and staining them with a few drops of your own blood. 

May Freya and Odin Bless,

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