Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anything is Possible, Quantum Physics

Quantum physics tells us that in fact there really are no boundaries to what we can do. We are able to do and accomplish "anything." All that you have to do, and here in lies the rub, is Believe it.

However, because you are not alone in the Universe, the degree to which something can be shared depends on the beliefs of others around you. 

You may be able to levitate in the privacy of your bedroom, but you might not be able to do this in front of other people because of their disbelief. 

On the other hand someone else's belief in levitation may be so strong that you can do it in their presence, but not when you are with others or by yourself. This is what is experienced as "miracles" in the presence of "Masters." 

Travel between the stars is possible, but the only way it is expressed in our current culture is through movies or books (except for claims of certain individuals who may or may not have had the physical experience.)

The more people who believe that the change you want to make is possible, the easier it will be to make it. As we go further into the Age of Aquarius (we are still in it's infancy only 50 years), more and more people will come to "believe" in the power of the mind. All variables eventually achieve "critical mass."  This is the point at which water turns to ice, a spark bursts into flame etc.  So it will be with man. The belief will make it so. 

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