Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Odin Invocations

Name: Odin, Woden, Othinn
Also called: All-father, God of the Wild Hunt
Incense/Oil: pine, dragon's blood, sandalwood
Symbols: ravens, wolves, eagle
Days: Wednesday
Runes: wunjo, jera, ansuz, dagaz, othala, laguz, ingwaz

Chant 1: (As All father, Rune Master)

Patron of those who write and sing,
Rune-Master, whose craft was learned 
By self-sacrifice and dedication,
Show me the words of power.
Lead me on the paths of creativity.
Stand by me at initiation into realms of magic.
Let me call upon your wisdom and magic.
All-Seeing, Great Father, hear my call.

Chant 2: (As Warrior and Lord of the Wild Hunt)

Blue cloak swirling in the storm,
Hat pulled low over an empty eye. 
Ravens at your shoulders, wolves by your feet,
Lord of the Wild Hunt who rides Slepnir
Across the stormy skies.
Warrior-women armed for battle.
Protect me from my enemies.
You who grasp my fate in your fist,
Turn that fate into paths of success. 

Odin Bless,

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