Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hag Rune (Hagalz)

The ninth Rune Hagalaz, is sometimes called the "Hag Rune.On a metaphysical level, Hagalaz is considered to be the "Root Rune that stands as the basis of this magical system. 

The High German word Hachel is related to Hagalaz and means "Witch." It corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon haegtessa from which the modern English word "hag" is derived. 

Three is the sacred number of Norse cosmology: nine as three times three, is the most intensely powerful number and reappears consistently throughout Nordic magic and spirituality. (The number is also sacred in many other traditions.) Hagalaz literally corresponds in sound with the letter "H." 

Hagalaz literally means "hailstone." Hail is composed of two elements air and water. Water is the feminine element associated with creation; hail is frozen water in it's dangerous or warrior aspect. 

Hagalaz is considered among the most potent binding runes and is invaluable in Vardlokur, the Norse tradition of protective "warding" magic. Hagalaz radiates feminine energy or polarity. 

Hagalaz is associated with three deities:

Heimdall, the watchman of the gods and the son of the nine daughters of the sea. He guards the Rainbow Bridge that connects and divides the realms of the living and the spirits.

Mordgud, Hella's servent, the spirit who guards the Ice Bridge that connects and divides the realms of the living and the dead. Mordgud is among those deities associated with November Eve (Halloween, Samhain).

Urd, the most powerful of the Norns (Fates). The sacred Well of Urd was named in her honor. She is the Norn who looks backwards and possesses all knowledge of the past.

May Odin and Freya bless,

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