Thursday, October 7, 2010

Norse Witch Spell for Prosperity

Since this spell is for building prosperity it is best done during a waxing moon (when the moon is building). 


Pumpkin seeds
green grapes

Lettuce, pumpkin seeds, sea weed and green grapes are all foods associated with prosperity. They are also foods ruled by the Moon. Eat all or add some to your regular diet every Monday(Moon day) night from the new to the full moon period to magically manifest prosperity into your life.

It would also help to do this Money Drawing Chant:

My words have power as of old,
So hear me now, good Gnomes and Trolls.
Bring me silver, bring me gold,
Bring the lush green stuff that folds.
Come quickly now, have fun with me,
And treasure bring most happily.
I speak to you with joy and glee,
And as my will, so mode it be.

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Prosperity,


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