Monday, October 18, 2010

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Witchcraft and Magic

Any one engaging in magic, witchcraft and shamanism is all too familiar with the "awful warnings" given out darkly against occultism and magic of any kind. Such vague threats do more harm than any thing else, and merely arouse fears without supplying any means of avoiding the pitfalls. 

The facts, that are rarely talked about, are that magical practices bring out fairly rapidly the normally hidden side of any person. Meaning that their latent characteristics will objectify. If these characteristics are good, then results would be beneficial, but if bad, then the opposite. 

All that happens, is that once a channel of communication has been established by magical means between the Inner and Outer Self, a kind of short circuit occurs, and surges of energy take place from one state to another. 

Objective and subjective energies coming directly together without adequate control cause tensions liable to result in serious explosions or erosions. Spiritual, mental and even physical diseases can be the outcome.  But so are the opposite conditions of improved health, strengthened mind, and the greatest benefits of the soul, or KA. It all depends on weather our circuit was properly arranged before the power or (magic) was switched on. 

People who would benefit from Magical Mystery practices would be well balanced, healthy, intelligent, patient, hard-working and creatively imaginative people. I know, I know it sounds like an old fashioned character reference, but moral qualities are of greater importance to humanity than Magical abilities. 

So this is the very important first step on the road to Magic. Going within! Weather one should engage in Magic or not is a big question and a big responsibility. It is rather like that of the modern problems concerning the selection of suitable people for controlling Atomic Energy. 

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