Friday, October 8, 2010

Thor Viking God,Friend of Man

Thor / Thunar / Donar, is the Norse Aesir God; The "Thunder"; Champion of the Gods and enemy of Giants and Trolls; protector of the common man; son of Odin and Jord. His symbol is his magic hammer Mjollnir (Destroyer). 

He has a magic belt (Megingjardar or Strength-Increaser). He drives a chariot pulled by two giant male goats. His wife is Sif (of the Golden hair).

Although he is sometimes over hasty in his judgement, he is a totally reliable friend and battle-companion. He has wild red hair and beard; and is always in battle dress.

Strength, law and order, defense, oak trees, goats, thunder, lightning, storms, weather, crops trading voyages, water, courage, trust, revenge, protection, war and battle are his trademarks.

Thor Bless!

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