Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glamour, the Magical Art of Enchantment

The words Glamour or Glamorous are inundated through the world of fashion,media and cosmetics. Websters dictionary describes the word "Glamour" as alluring fascination or charm. But where does it come from?

Glamour, or Glamoury: is the art of "enchantment", the magical art of optical illusion. Those who possess this art possess glamour and are able to disguise their appearance and make the viewer see whatever the viewed wishes them to see. 

This is an extremely seductive and powerful art. And strongly associated with Fairies. The use of applying cosmetics to create an illusion predates ancient Egypt and is synonymous with Witchcraft.  Small wonder the Add Agencies and Media Wizards have utilized such a powerful tool, thus making people and objects appear better than they really are.

Why not combine this ancient art of "Glamoury" with "Mirror Magic?" When you are putting on your make up, imagine yourself  looking beautiful and throw in a generous portion of allure, attraction, and seduction  as well. 

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