Friday, October 1, 2010

Norse Witch Cauldron Magic for Love

                                    Cauldron Magic

Cauldrons come in all sizes, with or without legs. If you use the kind without legs and plan to burn anything very hot in it, place a heat mat underneath to prevent scorching the alter top.

Anytime you use water or other liquids in your cauldron, carefully dry it afterwards to avoid rusting. The same applies whenever you get water on the sword and dagger.

Norse Spell for Love:

Set up an altar two days before the Full Moon with a pink candle in it's holder inside the cauldron, with a rose in a vase beside it. Also have available rose or apple blossom oil and a small bell.

At the same time on each of the two days before the Full Moon, hold the pink candle and pour loving thoughts into it. Do not light it until the Full Moon night. On the Full Moon night, carve the candle with your dagger the runic equivalent of "True Love for Me." (Ehwas, Inguz, Gebo) 

Rub the candle with oil from the wick down to the end, thus bringing to you the love you desire. 

Set the candle in it's holder inside the cauldron and light it. Ring the bell three times. Chant:

              As this candle flame grows bright
              And ever grows much higher,
              Freya, lady of Love, please bring to me
              Love's ever-burning fire.
              Then as the flame does flicker low
              Finally to depart, 
              Freya, Lady of Love, please give to me
              A true love, heart to heart.

Ring the bell three more times. Leave the altar as it is and until the candle has burned completely out.

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

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