Monday, October 25, 2010

Rune Fehu to Attract Wealth

From the Sagas:
(Gold,Fehu) causes strife among Kinsmen;
The wolf grows up in the woods.

(Gold,Fehu) is the strife of Kinsmen,
and the fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

Fehu, is the rune of mobile power in the world and in the self. It flows outward like fire. It is power which, like money, must be circulated in order for it to have beneficial effects.

This is the fire of life and the movement behind all continual change in the Universe. It is the electromagnetic force flowing along the surface of the Earth-"the path of the serpent."

In Rune-Galdor this rune is beneficial for works intended to draw wealth or riches. It is also a great source of vital energy. It is a rune by which other rune forces can be projected or sent out. 

In a divination Fehu indicates that wealth may be involved. But at the same time there may be conflicts brought about because of it. There will be new beginnings in life. 

Negative aspects of the rune include a tendency toward greed. If the power of Fehu is not given and received freely- with generosity- it will destroy a person.

The gods indicated by this rune are from the Vanir, in particular Niord, Frey and Freya. The gender of this rune is female. 

May the Blessings of Fehu bring you prosperity,

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