Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thor Magic Car Protection Spell

In ancient Norse times it was quite common to bless, (for protection), personal belongings like horses, chariots, boats and even more personal items. This kind of blessing or "Spell of Protection" helps us maintain a good shamanic relationship with the other kinds of life we interact with. 

This "Spell of Protection" is designed for the car, but can be adapted to many other things. 

 Since the rune Raido indicates "riding", journey or movement and is associated with the Norse god Thor this rune will be incorporated into our spell. 

Thor Magic Car Protection Spell:

1. Prepare a bowl of fresh spring water, something to sprinkle it with, and wear something special .

2. Start at the front of the car and firmly say, "Raido, rune of Mighty Thor, protect this car and it's occupants from harm. Let all the Ancient Gods bear witness to this prayer of protection!"

3. Sprinkle the front and say "May this car always provide useful and harmonious service to it's owner." Move around and do the same thing on the other three sides. 

4. When you are back at the front say, "The name of this car is (what ever the name is). I stand at the threshold between the worlds, before the gates of Asgard. May the Ancient Ones help and protect me and all passengers in this car on my magical journey. By the power of Thor and his rune Raido this spell has been done!" 

5. At the closing you can do a powerful, shamanic hand movement  that looks like you are wiping the window with your right hand in a clockwise direction and then closing your fist.

May Thor protect you,

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