Sunday, October 24, 2010

Norse Witch Weather Signs

                              It Will Be a Bad Winter if:
Forecasting Winter by Animals:
-Squirrels begin gathering nuts early (Middle or late Sept.)
-Beaver lodges have more logs
(or if the north side of the beaver dam is more covered with sticks than the south.
-Fur or hair on animals such as horses, dogs, sheep and cows is thicker than usual. 
-Squirrels build nests low in trees. 
-Birds eat all the berries early

Forecasting Winter by Insects:
It will be a bad winter if:
-There are a lot of spiders in the fall.
-Hornets and yellow jackets build nests heavier and closer to the ground than usual. 
-The woolly worm tells of a bad winter if, there are a lot of them crawling about.
-he has a heavy coat.
-the black band on his back is wide ( the more black than brown he is, and or the wider the black stripe the worse the winter.)
-When butterflies:
migrate early, winter will be early. 

Forecasting Winter by Plants:
It will be a bad winter if:
-Apples and grapes mature early.
-Onions grow more layers
-Trees are laden with green leaves late into the Fall.
-Bark on the trees is thicker.

Forecasting Winter by Weather:
-Two frosts and lots of rain mean cold weather is near.
-A late frost means a bad winter.
-If the first snow stays on the ground for three days, another snow will come on top of it. 
-If it frost before November 23rd, it will be a bad winter. 
-Lots of low rolling thunder in the late fall means a bad winter.

Forecasting Winter by the Moon:
-The number of days old the Moon is at the first snow tells how many snows there will be that winter.

Forecasting Weather:

It will rain:
-If cows are laying down in pasture. 
-If there is a ring around the Moon.(Count the stars in the ring and it will rain within that many days)
-If the Sun sets with clouds.
-If smoke goes to the ground. 
-If birds fly low. 

The weather will be fair if:
-You hear a screech owl.
-Smoke rises.
-crickets holler. The temperature will rise.

Brightest of Blessings and Weather forecasts,
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