Sunday, October 10, 2010

Norse Magic Spell for Employment

In these trying times with so many people out of a job; a little bit of extra help in the way of a "Magic Spell for Employment" might be just enough to tip the scales in your favor.

Spell for Employment:

All grains

Spinach and lettuce are green foods and attract money. Spinach is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansions and success. Lettuce is ruled by the Moon. 

Eating spinach can make you confident and help you find a job; maybe even a step up in the ladder in your career. Lettuce can improve your intuitive edge and reveal hidden opportunities to you.

Parsley is ruled by Mercury and can help open channels for those who need to network. Eating grains of any kind draws money and will give you an air of success in your interviews.

If you are interested in getting a particular job, make parsley tea and drink it right before the interview. Add three drops of lime juice. this forces others to be compelled by your word. If you add a few drops of juice from a very sweet orange, others will be charmed by you as well.

I wish you much luck and success in landing the Job of your dreams,

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