Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tyr the Original Allfather or Sky God

Tyr, Norse god, the precursor of Odin and the original Allfather;goes back to the beginnings of Indo-European history. Teiwaz and Thurisaz both the names of runes in the futhark are also earlier names for Tyr.

Tyr shows his noble character in a story where he alone had the courage to put his hand in the mouth of the Fenris Wolf as a pledge of good faith.  Tyr being the patron of truth, honesty and justice caused the Wolf to trust him. The Fenris is lead to believe that he will be released if he lets them put the chains around his neck. When he discovers that they are not going to release him he bites Tyr's right hand off. Tyr knowingly pays for the deception with the loss of his hand but for the good of all. 

As a result he is the god of truth. He is invoked for swearing oaths. In war, Tyr should be invoked for bravery, valor, courage and victory.He should also be invoked for legal disputes.  Tyr's quarter is the East. 

Tyr is a solar god and may be interpreted as representing "sky" or "light." He is usually associated with the sword. But bows and arrows would have been used well before swords. So the original weapon of Tyr may well have been an arrow. Much like the shape of the Teiwaz rune, which is red and pointing up. 

May Tyr Bless,
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