Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Magic at Halloween and Every Day!

Halloween, also known as Hallows, Hallowtide, and November Eve. "Hallow" derives from the Old English word for "holy." All Hallows Eve is still a vigil preceding All Saints Day, which is a Roman Catholic festival to the ancient Feast of the Dead. So Halloween may be interpreted as Sacred or Holy Night - which for witches it is. 

At Halloween magic spells can be cast more easily, predictions of futures and fortunes are more revealing, and dreams hold a special significance.

But isn't Hallows a great reminder that Magic flows through us, mystery infuses every encounter every day? We conjure up a shoe that cannot be found any where in the house,we coax bounty from the barren earth, transform left-overs into a feast, heal hurts, banish fears and make money stretch until the end of the month.

We have not consciously awakened yet to the realization that we are descendants of an ancient, sacred lineage of women shamans or wise women. 

Isn't magic what you are performing when you create an authentic lifestyle for yourself and those you love?  Aren't you shaping unseen forces with your creativity and soul-crafts, bringing the physical world through passion what has only existed in the spiritual realm? If you can do this unconsciously, how much more could you accomplish if you were fully aware of your powers? 

I encourage you to acknowledge your lineage and your authentic gifts of magic, shamanism and witchcraft. 

As Frances Hodgson Burnett observed, "I am sure that there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us."

Hallows Blessings, 

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