Monday, October 4, 2010

The Magical Kiss

A kiss is the outer symbol of an inner energy-exchange on very close terms. Between ordinary human lovers, the kiss is a kind of "Soul Eating", each participant attempting to enhance themselves by partaking of the other's nature. 

The physical stimulus and thrill attending a kiss is fundamentally aimed at uniting souls rather than bodies, if indeed the humans involved are capable of such an experience. 

The lips being the junction point between the outer skin and the inner mucous membrane, they may be considered Symbols of the Portals between Inner and Outer life, and they will fulfill this function for those in possession of spiritually organized vehicles. 

Just sex-organ contact results in the propagation of the body, so lip contact should propagate the soul. The use of the second apart from the first at the will of the user, is an outcome of careful training, yet a ritual necessity for In-working.

Kissing as a form of contact on higher physical levels is not practiced by primitive mankind, and it's technique only develops among evolving and sophisticated peoples. It's introduction as a purely ritual practice is late in origin. The Christian Church still retains it.

The kiss in some form or other is inseparable from ritual, since the lips are gateways of Breathing, Eating, and Utterance, three vital components. 

                                      Kiss as a form of Magic

First visualize and invoke strongly as possible, the Inner reality with which contact is sought. Then concentrate receptive awareness into the focal point of the lips so that they are like the apex of a cone containing all possible power behind them.

When lip contact is physically made with the objective, let the feeling be of two cones meeting point to point and exchanging energies through this junction. It must be remembered that nothing may be taken in without a corresponding output. This may be synchronized with the breathing, so that energy is given out during exhalation and absorbed by inhalation. 

Supposing a Symbol is kissed. After lip-contact is made, The witch or shaman should breath something of herself (or himself) into the Symbol which corresponds with it's nature, and then attempt what ever the symbol has to offer, like an indrawn breath from the soul rather than the body. 

The same principles would apply if a living being were kissed, except that while one gives out, the other should take in alternately. 

                                         Kiss of Peace

The "Kiss of Peace" is given by placing hands on each others shoulders and bringing cheeks and lips in contact, first to the donors left, and then the right, so that the recipient is touched on opposite sides. You see this done in European countries quite a lot.  The "Spirit is passed" by the donor breathing the Word into the recipients ear, and then receiving the response on their own. 

If it is done around a whole circle of people, the initial contact having been between a human member and an inner source, the result is most pleasing.

The "Kiss of Peace" is not based on  sexuality but spirituality, and is therefore a normal ritual act between those of the same physical sex, although it is best given and taken by opposite polarities of male-female around it's cyclic course. To some extent the Kiss being a symbolic act of "eating each other," a sharing identity should take place so that both recipient and donor become enriched by the experience. 

Worked properly, the kiss forms a very practical ritual means for contacting Inner Energies. 

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Love

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