Thursday, October 14, 2010

Norse Witch Irresistible Enchantress Bath

This bath is guaranteed to turn you into an irresistible "Enchantress" and goddess of love. Try it on a Friday night (Freya the Love Goddess's night.)


Red rose petals
Fresh mint leaves

You should be already physically clean before taking this bath. Simply fill the tub with warm water and add six whole navel oranges, rose petals and a bunch of fresh mint leaves. 

Peel the oranges squeeze the juice into the bath water. Rub the fruit into your hair and skin. Eat a few slices to anoint yourself internally. Do the same with the mint. 

Do the same with the mint: Rub it into the body and hair and chew on a leaf or two. Rub the rose petals in your hair. 

Do not soap off when you are done. Let your body air-dry. Now dress for your date. The combination of orange, rose and mint will make you irresistible.

Freya Bless,

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