Friday, October 8, 2010

Thor Norse Magic Spell of Protection

This spell invokes Thor the Norse God who is friend of man and our "Protector!" It is for protection of our homes and belongings. The quarter from which to invoke Thor is the South. 

He is especially invoked when taking an oath. Thor stands out among the gods as the synthesis of the masculine warrior and a typical soldier.

                       Thor Spell of Protection of Home:

Stand before each window and door with dagger or sword in hand. Using the weapon, draw the symbol of Thor's hammer in the air before the opening. This symbol looks like an upside-down capital T.

Go through the house clockwise as when you draw a circle. As you draw this symbol at the openings say:

"By the power of Mjollnir and Thor,
Nothing and no one wishing my family or me harm
Shall pass this way!" 

May Thor Bless and Protect You!

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