Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Norse Witch Magic Symbols

Symbols speak volumes to our unconscious mind of those things that cannot be explained, defined, or fully comprehended with our everyday language. They represent concepts that extend far beyond human understanding.

Norse Magic Symbols provide a point of reference, a wider awareness for "That-which-cannot-be-told," and allow infinite interpretations of experiences, especially those in which one feels the connectedness to Spirit. 

Symbols speak of love and the universal and eternal intelligence that is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Symbols put us in touch with our younger selves, when we never doubted our intimate relationship with the Universe. 

Here are some examples and explanations of some of the more popularly used Norse Magic Symbols:


The Sun-Wheel is a circle divided into four by an equal-armed cross. It is a pictograph version of the rune Rad, and signifies the solar power, manifested as sanctification, enclosed and controlled by sacred power.


The Valknut is composed of three interlinked equilateral triangles. The nine lines symbolize the nine worlds of Norse tradition, the power of the three times three. Specifically, it is the symbol of Odin, and is sometimes used with an eye at the center. As a protector, it invokes the power of eternal unity. It's name means "The knot of the fallen (or chosen) ones." 

                                     The Aegishjalmur

The Aegishjalmur is a more elaborate version of the heavenly star, but is much more powerful, symbolizing the force of irresistibility, being the power of the whole collection of runes projected outwards from the center, which they protect.  

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  1. Unfortunately, Norse symbols are often associated with hate groups. It would be great to provide more information about these symbols and the Norse heritage in general.