Friday, October 29, 2010

Uruz Rune,to Attract Strength, Health and Courage

The traditional meaning of Uruz is "Aurochs." Aurochs were a ferocious species of wild ox which are now extinct. This rune resonates to masculine energy and the vital organic energy of life and the power which holds life together. It is the power of purification. 

Uruz drives out the elements that may cause one to become weak. This is a purification that leads one to strength. Uruz symbolizes strength, persistence, durability and being adaptable to change. 

On a higher plane Uruz represents healing energy encompassing a strong restorative process. Fehu and Uruz are closely interlinked, both relating to cattle. They both work together in that they sustain life-forms on this plane of existence.

The god-force behind this rune is Thor. This rune is also linked to the element of fire. Uruz comes from the German prefix "Ur,"meaning primal. It is also associated with the name of one of the Norns, Urd.

In rune-casting it is the sign of striving toward inner goals or those that will serve fellow man. This rune is the subject of being willful, tenacious and a striving toward independence. Uruz is the rune to use for strength, health and courage. 

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