Saturday, October 9, 2010

There Are No Limits! (Quantum Physics)

At first look around this Quantum Physics concept of "No Limits" seems absurd because we can experience limitations all around us. We can only see so far, our bodies can only grow so much, we can only hear within a certain range, we can only live so long without breathing, we only have just so much money in the bank, the Earth is only just so big. No Limits? 

Yes, no limits! The Universe is infinite, as would have to be if the world is what we think it is and it's all a dream. How, then to explain the limitations we experience? One way is to recognize two kinds of limitations: creative and filtered.

An infinite Universe implies infinite experience, which is the same as no experience because there wouldn't be any contrast, differentiation, or sense of change. The concept of creative limitation assumes the purposeful establishment of limits within an infinite Universe in order to create particular experiences.

Our realm of physical experience, for instance is arbitrarily limited by our natural perceptual range of frequencies of site, sound, touch, gravity, distance, and time, to name the most prominent, plus extensions of those that we can make with mechanical instruments and psychic abilities. Without these apparent limitations, we couldn't even experience this dimension. 

If you assume an infinite Universe, there is no logical reason why there couldn't be other beings just as physically real to themselves as we are to ourselves who see in the frequency range of ultra-violet, hear in the range of ultra-high frequency, and touch in the range of radio waves. For all we know, each of us experiences the other's slight intrusions into our "home ranges" as static. 

So the physical Universe of our perception may be the effect of creative choices of limiting factors on the part of God (Divine Matrix) or our Higher Selves that enables us to experience life on Earth. 

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