Monday, October 18, 2010

The Magic of Love and Encouragement

In this Age of Aquarius, the fast paced age of the mind and technology, we have new problems to face. Close relationships are getting harder and harder to sustain in a climate of so much fear, doubt, anger and stress. Tempers are getting shorter, life becomes more impersonal with text messaging and e-mails.  The tendency is to criticize everything and every one.

It leaves one asking themselves the question, "Where's the Love?" What can we each do in our own personal lives to reverse this?

Fear, anger and doubt give rise to negative criticism and judgement, which cause separation, which diminishes love. Criticism kills relationships. And this is any kind of relationship be it spouse, parent-child etc. On the other hand, praise builds and rebuilds them, because praise is an act of love, that clarifies and strengthens relationships. 

When you give praise you reinforce the good that you praise and it increases and grows. When you criticize you reinforce the bad that you don't like and it also increases and grows. 

Where a spouse or lover are concerned, as doubt about yourself, each other, or the relationship is allowed to come out, then the tendency is toward criticizing perceived or imagined faults and failings. If it happens quickly and openly it is a short lived relationship, and if it happens slowly and subtly it's a long, unhappy relationship that breaks when one partner can't stand it any more. To be blunt the relationship contains more pain than pleasure. 

But a relationship, (any relationship spouse, parent-child),in the process of falling apart because of criticism can be revived and made happy again by removing criticism and adding strong doses of praise and compliments. 

This is easier, of course if both participants in the relationship participate; it is possible but difficult if only one does it. The key to success here is simply to increase your appreciation of what you do like about the person, and increase your tolerance of what you don't like. Telepathic praise is just as important as verbal praise, and it is sometimes a better way to begin. 

Because you see, the love is actually always there. It is just the fear, anger and doubt that cover it up.

Brightest of blessings my friends,
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