Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Norse Magic Martial Arts Tradition

The Northern Tradition, forged in the hardship of the ice and snow of Ice-Age Europe, was originally one of continuous struggle against overwhelming odds. 

This required self-reliance and, if necessary, a willingness to die selflessly for family and comrades, calling upon those reserves of superhuman strength, which lies within all of us. 

To be capable of these feats of will, strict training in self-control comparable to that used in the oriental martial arts was required. This was manifested in the warrior tradition, which later passed into what became armies, and technology in the form of firearms. 

The hero-traditions in Arthurian literature and the German and Norse-sagas show us that there were two main cults within the warrior tradition-that of the wolf and the bear, with a lesser, but regal, cult of the wild boar (indicative of Frey and Freya.) 

These are best known as the Berserkers and Ulfhednar. These will be described in future articles.

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