Monday, October 11, 2010

Meditation to Increase Visions (Norse Magic)

Before you begin this meditation, you might want to refer to my previous article on "Sword and Dagger Magic,"as it relates to this Meditation Practice.

Increase Visions During Meditation:

Choose  a comfortable chair and lay the sword crosswise about three feet in front of it. Stand beyond the sword, dagger in hand.

Beginning on the right side, and going up and to the left "cut" a doorway in the the air, then say:

"Across the Bifrost bridge I go to commune 
with the Gods of Asgard.
I will sit beside the Well of Urd for 
instruction by the Norns.
Freely I go. Freely I return.

Walk through the door to your chair and begin your meditation. When your meditation is finished, step back across the sword and seal the doorway with the dagger. This is done by drawing the doorway from left to right. 

May, Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost bridge, be with you,

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