Monday, October 11, 2010

Norse Magic Sword and Daggar Magic

It is the Norse tradition to name your sword and dagger. And to carefully carve or paint the weapon's name and your magical name in runes on the hilt. Remember in the "Lord of the Rings" the sword named "Sting?" 

Consecration of Sword and Dagger:
Best done between the New and Full Moons. Burn a good blessing incense with a pinch of cinnamon added. Lay your sword and dagger on the altar between the pyrite and steel or iron.

From the mountains good Dwarves bold
Often came in times of old,
With their magic and their spells.
Now I ask you come to me.
Spell-bind this sword and dagger here.
That magic filled these weapons be.
Good Dwarves, magical and bold,
Join with me as in times of old.

Gently stroke both the sword and dagger from tip to hilt with the pyrite and metal. Do this for several minutes. This is imbuing the weapons with your energy. 

Call upon each weapon by the name you have chosen for it before replacing it on the altar. If you have not carved or painted it's name in runes on the hilt, along with your magical name, do so now. Leave them on the altar over night.

May Odin Bless,

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